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101 Legal Word-Search Puzzles

Large-Print Edition for Teenagers and Adults

Author: Joseph C. Kunz, Jr.


If you’re tired of squinting to read puzzle clues, this book is perfect for you!

Everything is BIGGER, more relaxing, less stress and strain on your eyes, and more fun in this large-print edition!

• Aviation Law
• Bankruptcy
• Elder Law
• Forensics
• Immigration Law
• Maritime Law
• Personal Injury
• Remedies
• Supreme Court Cases
• Torts

• This book is great for anyone that loves law, police, murder mysteries, and detective TV shows or has a law-related career!

• These 101 light and easy puzzles are perfect for taking a break – without needing to use a dictionary.

• They are large print and easy to read, and the big grids make it simple to circle or highlight.

• And each puzzle will help improve your vocabulary, memory, focus, cognitive skills, visual and spatial insight, and problem-solving skills, too.

• Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced puzzler, you’ll enjoy the satisfaction of quickly solving these entertaining word-search puzzles.

• Hours of fun and entertainment!

• Whether you’re drinking your morning coffee, riding the train, or relaxing on vacation, this book is perfect for any occasion.

• This gamebook makes an excellent gift for all puzzle lovers!

• My puzzle books are in large print for seniors and people with dyslexia. I hope it brings joy to you all!

Joseph C. Kunz, Jr.

About The Author
Joseph C. Kunz, Jr. has been a word sleuth for many years with an addiction to word puzzles of all types. Kunz has published several word puzzle books “for professionals who love a challenge.”


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