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ACLS Certification Exam Q and A With Explanations

Pass The ACLS Certification Exam On Your First Attempt!

Current for the 2020-2025 Guidelines

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Author: Michele G. Kunz
Author: Joseph C. Kunz, Jr.
Foreword: Dr. Peter A. Woods

Book Description
From The Introduction
ACLS Certification Exam Q and A With Explanations will help you pass any Advanced Cardiac Life Support Certification Course. As you look through the book, you will quickly see that this book’s format is different from all other review and test preparation books.

It's like having a professor sitting right next to you as you study

This book is specifically geared toward healthcare students and new healthcare professionals that are preparing to take the ACLS certification exam for the first time. This book will also give the seasoned healthcare professional lots of great review information as well as a way to update themselves on the latest research and guidelines.

Whichever certifying agency program you are taking, either in a classroom or on the internet, this book and its contents will help you succeed in this course. In this book we give you all the essential information that you will need to successfully pass the certification course and exam on your first attempt.

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Joe and I have been teaching this course to healthcare professionals and students since 1984. We know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to helping our students be successful. We had to develop almost all of the study materials for our students by ourselves because very little existed at the time.


The Zombie Notes Study Charts were some of the first study aids we developed to help our students learn a large amount of information very quickly. We know that this format works very well because many healthcare professionals and students, in hospitals and colleges all over the world, have used this handy, no-nonsense chart to help them successfully pass the ACLS certification exams.

Therefore, in order for you to be successful on the certification exam, and on the job, we expect you to memorize every bit of information contained within the Zombie Notes Study Charts and within this book. It is essential that you know this information by heart and can recall it at a moment’s notice. This information is not only essential for the exam, but for your career, and the survival of your patients, as well.

We have also included the actual course outline that we use in our certification course. We give you our outline here so that you can get a better understanding of what a typical ACLS certification course will involve. It will give you a general idea of what to expect in the course.

You’ll find that the key to passing the certification exam and course lies in applying your knowledge through questions and answers, not rote memory alone. Memorization is simply the first step to learning and committing the information to your long-term memory.


You will find that studying our book ACLS Certification Exam Q and A With Explanations, and the Zombie Notes Study Charts, and taking practice exams, is a very powerful combination and a very productive and quick way to prepare yourself for success on the exam.


Therefore, we have included 101 practice questions that are designed to simulate actual exam conditions. The practice exam questions simulate the real exam. The subject of ACLS covers a lot of material. It is an interesting topic, and a working knowledge of the material is essential to do your job properly.

In addition, we have tried to make studying for this exam as painless and as easy as possible. We have included all the essential information necessary for you to be successful on this exam. We have also included additional material to make studying this topic more fun and less painful.

How This Book Will Help You
• This book will help you pass the ACLS certification exam on your first attempt.
• We have created a video for every topic and article in this book, all available on
• Lots of practical and usable information and advice about the ACLS class and exam.
• 101 practice questions that cover every possible medical and nursing scenario and topic on the ACLS certification exam.
• No confusing wrong answers to clutter your brain.
• Contains all the essential information for ACLS exam success.
• This book, together with Michele’s YouTube videos, will greatly reduce your test-taking anxiety.
• All information in this book has been updated to the current guidelines.
• Michele is always available for your email questions about this book, or any aspect of nursing or hospital work.
• Hot tips for surviving your first code.
• Hot tips to help you memorize lots of new information.
• Learn all of the biggest myths about the AED.

Amazon Best Selling Ranking 2017

Who This Book Is Meant For
All licensed healthcare providers and emergency responders such as:

• Physicians (MD’s, DO’s, DPM’s)
• Nurses
• Paramedics
• Emergency Medical Technicians
• Physician’s Assistants
• Nurse Practitioners
• Residents and Fellows
• Medical and Nursing Students
• Medical and Nursing Assistants
• Dentists
• For all licensed healthcare professionals

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American Inspirations: Medical Educators with Heart (and business brains)

About The Authors
Michele and Joe have been on the frontline of teaching healthcare professionals in New York City and Long Island since 1984.

Michele is also a nursing educator at one of New York’s best hospitals, and Joe has been building and managing the business and finding and creating new and better ways to reach out and help more healthcare professionals.

Their Zombie Notes Study Charts are Amazon’s best-selling study guides of their type. Together, the Kunz’s have helped many thousands of medical professionals pass the certification exams. Now, they can help you be successful too.

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