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“Always kept up to date using the latest guidelines and research.”

All are current for the 2020-2025 guidelines

1. ABG Interpretation and Worksheet
2. ACLS Certification Exam Prep.
3. ACLS Terminology
4. BLS Certification Exam Prep.
5. BLS and CPR Terminology
6. Bradycardia – Heart-Blocks
7. ECG/EKG Basics
8. ECG/EKG Terminology
9. PALS Certification Exam Prep.
10. PALS and Pediatrics Terminology
11. Patient Turning Instructions & Chart
12. Pediatric Podiatry Basics
13. Shock & Stages of Shock

zombie Joe, The Eternal Student

Why Do I Need The Zombie Notes Study Charts?
Zombie Notes Study Charts are short, to-the-point study guides. They are all designed to be especially useful to someone approaching a subject for the first time. Some are designed with a specific certification or exam in mind. All are designed to give the student the most important information that must be memorized in order to be successful on their exams – and in their career.

How Do I Use The Zombie Notes Study Charts?
The Zombie Notes are a supplement to your regular studies, not a replacement for reading the textbook or other required readings. These study guides simply help the student build a strong foundation on the subject. All of our study guides can be used before, during, and after studying a subject.

If a student memorizes the information on our study guides, they will have a very strong foundation in that subject. Don’t forget, memorization is the first step to learning a subject. And then using that information over and over again in class and on the job, makes it stick in your long-term memory.

Why Did We Make The Zombie Notes Study Charts?
There are other study charts available. Some of them are very good and serve an important function for students. But most are typically jamming an entire semester of complicated material into two, four, and sometimes six pages! They are overwhelming, and not specific enough. They are very hard to understand, much less study from because they are designed for students that have already mastered the subject. They are simply not practical.

They are typically marketed as a review to be used at the end of the semester – before a final exam. The fact that our Zombie Notes Study Charts are used by hospitals, universities, colleges, and medical offices is proof that our concept works, and will work for you too.

Our Teaching Philosophy
Overwhelming a student with a lot of information that they cannot relate to or understand doesn’t help a student approaching a difficult subject for the first time. As educators, we believe that we have a responsibility to help the students be successful in a subject – right from the beginning. We believe that a student’s success is a direct result of our efforts as educators.

We, therefore, must reach out and communicate to our students in every way possible. By helping students understand and enjoy a subject right from the beginning of the semester, the students are then well prepared for the final exam – and then for their career. This teaching philosophy resonates very well with our students, has helped make us very popular educators, and has made our study materials very popular.

What Is The Story Behind The Zombie Notes Study Chart?
The Zombie Notes Study Charts were first developed by Michele and Joseph Kunz in 1985 to help their students prepare for their medical certification exams. Over the years, all of our study guides have been refined and kept up to date. Our students are very busy people. Therefore, we created a quick and easy way to get them up-to-speed and current on certain subjects.

There is also very specific information that we needed our students to know, and know it cold – because the lives of patients and accident victims are depending on it. All the information that we expect our students to always know, we put into chart form. This way, every one of our students knows exactly what we expect them to know – and what their employers and peers will expect them to know.

Our Humble Beginning
The Zombie Notes Study Charts started as a simple photocopy that we handed out in our classes. But, as we grew to teach more students every year, and our students spread out across the United States, the demand for our study charts increased across all 50 states. Then hospitals and universities began requesting our study charts. We couldn’t keep up with the demand.

This became the impetus for us to start having them professionally printed and laminated. Then we began selling them through Amazon.com. Then, as healthcare professionals and students became more dependent on computers and the internet, we began getting requests to make the Zombie Notes available online.

Where Can I Purchase the Zombie Notes Study Charts?
All can be purchased at Amazon.com. Starting in May of 2020, we officially stopped offering the laminated version. We now use Amazon’s KDP for all of our distribution.

I come to Michele Kunz every time I need an AHA class because she is the greatest instructor, educator, teacher, nursing brain to ever walk on the planet.
Andrea LaFata, RN, Nursing Supervisor, Good Samaritan Hospital, West Islip, NY

Thank you so much for making a difficult topic (ACLS) so interesting and less mysterious. We all loved, loved, loved the injections of humor and personal anecdotes.
Irma Fenty, RN, North Shore – Long Island Jewish Hospital (NS-LIJ), at Great South Bay, Long Island, NY

American Inspirations: Medical Educators with Heart (and business brains)

About The Authors
Michele and Joe have been teaching healthcare professionals and students in New York City and Long Island since 1985.

The Kunz’s have helped many medical professionals and students pass the certification exams. Now, they can help you be successful, too.


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